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OSU Technology StartupsDiscover technology startups emanated from research at OSU.

InfraTie Solutions, LLC

InfraTie Solutions developes a trade secret OSU technology that is a software platform that aggregates sewer pipe inspection data to enable municipalities to do more cost effective preventative work and avoid costly repairs and service problems. 


MiFi software is a bioinformatics software as a service (SaaS) tool that allows diagnostic laboratories to perform faster and more accurate detection of pathogens in plants and animal samples that have been next generation sequenced (NGS).

Concrete Tag, LLC

Concrete Tag, LLC is commercializing a novel way to custom label and track concrete elements or samples to ensure they can be tracked accurately during the testing process.

Ghost Display Technologies, LLC

Patent pending infrared sensor technology optionally licensed to Department of Defense SBIR grant funded Ghost Display, LLC that aims to provide an ultra-low-cost, high-definition infrared sensing to the war fighter in addition mainstream automotive, unmanned aerial vehicles, and consumer device markets that improves safety, improved situational insight, and collision avoidance.

Pinnacle Animal Health, LLC

Pinnacle Animal Health develops a novel minimally-invasive castration technology for farm animal and pets that involves injection of chemical reactants using a special device. Pinnacle Animal Health’s technology addresses an estimated US market of at least $85 million in calves castrations and $60 million in pet sterilizations.

Heartland Vaccines, LLC

Patented vaccines, optionally licensed to NIH STTR grant funded Heartland Vaccines LLC, for immunizing infants and elderly adults to prevent infection from the debilitating Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). RSV is a major cause of hospitalization of infants in the US and causes 200,000 annual infant deaths worldwide.

FlexHet Technologies, LLC

FlexHet Technologies develops a novel class of small molecule compounds to treat and prevent recurrence of ovarian cancers, while minimizing adverse side effects to patients. The compounds have a new mechanism of action targeting a heat shock protein 70. The company is looking for partners to help with additional optimization of its lead compound. 

Altbiotics, LLC

Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) compounds optionally licensed to USDA SBIR funded Altbiotics as a feed additive for poultry producers that provide synergistic promotion of host defense peptides (HDP) that boost animal immunity and/or promote animal growth as an alternative to antibiotics.

Greenseeder, LLC

Greenseeder manufactures a hand-held seeding device for use by remote farmers who cannot use motorized machinery to plant crops.  Greenseeder works with NGOs and church missions to get the devices in the hands of such farmers.

MITO Material Solutions,LLC

MITO Material Solutions creates chemical additives for polymer composite manufacturers seeking superior performance, flexibility, and durability. Our first product is functional modifier which hybridizes graphene oxide and POSS.  MITO’s products are non-toxic, safe to handle and are engineered to integrate into common industry manufacturing processes including vacuum infusion, prepregs, hand layup and spray at 0.1% concentration.


Ambre Health, LLC

AmbreHealth is a predictive analytics company. They capture dynamic pictures of patients' health (“amber moments”) and identify patterns associated with health, disease, and therapeutic outcomes. Ambre Health has developed an innovative software technology solution that they use to address several persistent health care problems including heart problems and sleep apnea. 


Plasma Bionics, LLC

Utilizing patented technology licensed from OSU, Plasma Bionics LLC provides its Air Plasma Sterilization® device to veterinarians (hospitals, doctors, and dentists in the future) to rapidly destroy microorganisms on heat sensitive instrument surfaces, at low temperature, without chemical consumables, no byproducts, all at a lower cost compared ethylene oxide (EO), and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilization devices.


Roll-2-Roll Technologies, LLC

Utilizing patented technology licensed from OSU, Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC provides accurate and adaptive web sensors for web converting manufacturers that increase productivity, save setup time, reduce waste, and save money with a single solution for multiple inspection and guiding applications.


Super Air Meter, LLC

Super Air Meter, LLC is commercializing a new test method to determine the freeze thaw durability of fresh concrete mixture. The product Super Air Meter (SAM) is able to measure the total air volume and volume of small bubbles in the mixture (<300 microns) in  about 10 minutes. 


VF Canna, LLC

VF Canna is hoping to revitalize the canna lily industry by offering guaranteed virus-free canna lilies on the market. The canna lily virus has infected nearly all of the canna lily crops in many countries including the U.S., but VF Canna is using the latest scientific advancements to ensure that our canna are virus-free.

NanoMed Targeting Systems Inc.

Nanomed Targeting Systems Develops Innovative Treatment For Atrial Fibrillation and Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation. 


Secure Analytics, LLC

Secure Analytics is a data security technology and services provider based in Stillwater, Oklahoma whose software product utilizes a unique, proprietary and patented data protection algorithm called Data Shuffling.

XploSafe, LLC

XploSafe, LLC is a provider for critical safety solutions for homeland security and chemical safety. Their products protect people that deal with unstable and hazardous compounds. XploSafe has successfully commercialized two OSU technologies “Nanometric Ink Technology for Detection of Explosives” and “Colorimetric Reagent for Prevention of Peroxide Formation”.


Aestus, LLC

Aestus is a geophysical imaging company which uses Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) method to scan the subsurface. ERI is used to image gasoline, solvents and other contaminants in the subsurface.



SensorCorr is a research and development company focused on the development of wireless sensors to detect corrosion with critical structures such as aircraft, highway infrastructure and pipelines.

Ntech Industries, Inc

NTech was a leading provider of crop-sensing technology that allows farmers to reduce costs and environmental impact by controlling the application of nitrogen, herbicide and other crop inputs. Ntech was acquired by Trimble in June 2009.  

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