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OSU’s High-Tech, High-Growth Startup Catalyst

Cowboy Technologies is a catalyst for commercializing Oklahoma State University technology through successful startup companies. These high-tech, high-growth startups have the potential to generate significant economic impact in the region and state through:
  • Export sales of high-value products and services

  • Diversification of the region and state economy

  • Quality jobs and retention of high caliber OSU graduates and faculty

  • Ongoing commercially relevant research and education opportunities with OSU

  • Local reinvestment in addition to attraction of outside investment

Startup Assistance Resources

Cowboy Technologies offers end-to-end technology-based startup company incubation and business acceleration services to translate OSU and OSU-affiliated invention to market that meets customer needs.
  • Assist with business model and go-to-market plan development

  • Facilitate business understanding through NSF I-Corps program

  • Facilitate business mentoring through Mentor Network

  • Form startup companies and provide initial business management

  • Assist with securing commercial grants

  • Assist with investment capital raise

Commercial Grant Funding

Federal government agencies’ Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, also called “America’s Seed Fund,” enable US-owned and operated small businesses with cash to conduct research and development (R&D) on a technology that has a strong potential for commercialization.  Cowboy Technologies assists OSU and OSU-affiliated invention-based teams secure this funding to help progress invention to market.

Investment Funding

Cowboy Technologies provides investment into commercially viable OSU and OSU-affiliated technology-based startups and OSU internal projects with strong commercial teams.  We are OSU’s most aligned investment partner.  Investment vehicles include:
  • OSU internal project convertible equity investment

  • Startup pre-seed and seed convertible equity and priced equity investment

  • Riata Pre-Seed Fund, a student-specific managed fund

Mentor Network

The Mentor Network provides OSU innovators access to experienced technology-based business professionals to increase successful commercialization of innovations and make significant impact at various stages of research and development from proof of concept, through prototyping, and market launch through existing company license or newly formed startup.

Cowboy Technologies Portfolio

Plasma Bionics, LLC

Utilizing patented technology licensed from OSU, Plasma Bionics LLC provides its Air Plasma Sterilization® device to veterinarians (hospitals, doctors, and dentists in the future) to rapidly destroy microorganisms on heat sensitive instrument surfaces, at low temperature, without chemical consumables, no byproducts, all at a lower cost compared ethylene oxide (EO), and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilization devices.


Plasma Bionics

Roll-2-Roll Technologies, LLC

Utilizing patented technology licensed from OSU, Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC provides accurate and adaptive web sensors for web converting manufacturers that increase productivity, save setup time, reduce waste, and save money with a single solution for multiple inspection and guiding applications.


R2R Technologies

Weaver Labs, LLC

Utilizing patented technology licensed from OSU, Weaver Labs is a chemical compound research and production company providing custom compound synthesis and intellectual property with expertise in fluorinated compounds that provide pharmaceutical companies and agrochemical companies faster time to market of more effective drugs and plant herbicides. In addition, the company aims to provide environmentally regulated entities effective and cost efficient PFAS/PFOA detection and remediation solutions.


Weaver Labs


Cowboy Technologies ImpactOSU's Venture Accelerator - Since 2012

OSU faculty inventions supported

Commercial grants awarded (OCAST, SBIR, STTR)

Sponsored Research Investments in OSU Projects

Seed Investment in Startups

Other Angel Investment Raised

Startups launched



Daniel Will


Daniel Will

Executive Director

Cowboy Technologies

Office: (405) 744-4156

John Nickel


John Nickel 

Assistant Director

Cowboy Technologies

Office: (405) 744-3880

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