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App competition at OSU strives to promote the ideation of mobile apps from students and faculty and connects best ideas to resources to facilitate app development and release for creating a positive impact in the community.

10th Annual App Competition

Phase I: Participate to win $5000 in prize money and help from the OSU App Center to advance your app idea.
We invite students and faculty members at OSU to submit their app ideas based on any one of the three tracks listed below.

App Competition Tracks

1: Research

Apps that use scholarly and scientific knowledge to solve a significant problem for users.

2: Health

Apps that improve the health of people in Oklahoma and beyond.

3: Social

Apps that address social, cultural, and environmental issues.

Submit your app idea


Competition TimelineDeadline for Submissions: October 31st, 2021Official Rules

10th Annual App Competition FAQ

  • What is it about?

    A mobile app competition for students and researchers at Oklahoma State University.

  • Who can submit an app Idea?

    Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, research groups, post-docs, and staff from all colleges across campus.

    You must be a current employee or an enrolled student at OSU.

  • What kind of app ideas are we looking for?

    Mobile app ideas that solve a significant problem for the users in the three given tracks, Research, Health, and Social. We are looking for a diverse range of ideas from all scientific disciplines, including agriculture, arts & sciences, business, education, engineering, health science, human science, veterinary sciences, and social sciences.

  • Does an app have to be fully developed in order to qualify for the competition?

    No.  A well-thought-out feasible idea is sufficient.

  • How much is the Prize?

    The winning team will receive $2000. Three runner-ups will receive $1000 each. 

  • What happens after?

    For the winning app idea, the App Center will help design the beta version of the app. App Center will assist in connecting the winner with available funding and other assistance resources needed to develop and release the app.

  • Who owns the winning app idea?

    OSU will not own App Ideas submitted to the Competition unless the App Ideas comprise intellectual property in which OSU has an interest pursuant to OSU Policy No. 1-0202 (Intellectual Property). For more info check out our Official Rules

Past Competition Winners


The app would provide drought timeline for farmers by estimating the drought index. Along with the timeline, the app also computes drought frequency with respect to drought category, and provide pie charts for a particular growing season.

Break the Chain

Break the Chain app is a searchable database available to law enforcement and community organizations who specialize in human trafficking rehabilitation.

Reactive Leg Drop

The Reactive Leg Drop is a simple and novel assessment for predicting and tracking fall-risk in older individuals.  This app will allow the assessment to be performed with a smartphone, thereby making the test accessible for healthcare professionals working in geriatrics.

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