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App Competition Winners


Oklahoma Landscape Plant App

The app would help consumers choose plants that suit their landscape needs and are adapted to Oklahoma's growing conditions. The plant database that would populate this app would be taken from those plants that are recommended by various OSU Extension publications.



Neuro Relay

“Neuro Relay” is a virtualized companion for learning the complicated functional anatomy of The Nervous System.

Take Your "Mental Temperature"

This app allows users to assess three aspects of psychological functioning to identify and graphically track over time their mood, self-image and optimism.




The app would provide drought timeline for farmers by estimating the drought index. Along with the timeline, the app also computes drought frequency with respect to drought category and provides pie charts for a particular growing season.

Break the Chain

Break the Chain app will be a searchable database available to law enforcement and community organizations who specialize in human trafficking rehabilitation.


Reactive Leg Drop

The Reactive Leg Drop is a simple and novel assessment for predicting and tracking fall-risk in older individuals.  This app will allow the assessment to be performed with a smartphone, thereby making the test accessible for healthcare professionals working in geriatrics. 

Science Fair Friend

The Science Fair Friend app makes participating in local, regional, state and international science and engineering fairs simple and straightforward by assisting students, their teacher-mentors, and their judges with all phases of their STEM research at all levels of competition. 




“reCapp” is a smartphone application providing the ability to establish, re-capture, and browse through repeat photograph points (RPP). As most smartphones employ the technology required and outlined in our methods section (e.g., a camera, compass, GPS, and the ability to level), we have built these functions into the application. We encourage broad adoption of this technique to establish baseline RPP of natural (and anthropogenic) systems across the globe.

Fire Dynamics Calculator

This app creates a mobile-friendly version of a spreadsheet currently used by fire investigators to assist them with developing and testing hypotheses regarding fire scenes. The app is capable of using validated and well-documented calculations to predict things like flame heights, fire sizes, flammable mixtures of gasses and conductive heat transfer.



Pattern Master

Engineering apparel patterns for proper clothing fit is an area that requires both science and art. As such there continues to be quite a lot of experimentation and analysis in order to achieve the proper fit of a garment. In the fashion industry, while there are guidelines for sizing, there is no standard. One of the most time-consuming components of this process is the comparison of the measurements of a sloper, or a standard pattern, to the fit model measurements, and making adjustments to the sloper so that the pattern will fit the body of the fit model. This app will provide all apparel and softgoods pattern engineers a useful tool to calculate measurements for pattern adjustments. In particular, apparel pattern making students and professionals alike will save time and increase accuracy by using the app. The pattern right app is also quite useful for developing different styles.


Division is one of the most difficult concepts to teach and for students to learn. Oftentimes, division is taught procedurally with little connection to conceptual understanding. When students fail to understand whole number division, it can cause them to misunderstand fractions and beyond. This app will help classroom teachers help their students understand division. Tutors and parents can also use this app to supplement instruction. The app will provide activities, games, and video instruction to help students, pre-service teachers, teachers, andparents learn how to divide whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and polynomials. It will grow with learner, meeting them where they are conceptually.




Paws Alert

This app is a collective area for lost and found pets in the Stillwater area. Many families and students in Stillwater own pets and frequently lost animals are found roaming the town. Instead of posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Craigslist this app would serve to host a common area to find the pets dear to us. Users can post animals that they find without owners or owners who have lost a pet can post their missing animal. It also hosts an area to foster, donate money and items, and volunteer to help the unclaimed animals of Stillwater in the Animal Welfare, Humane Society, Tiny Paws, and other establishments.


AccessStillwater is a social networking gateway for all individuals that are part of the disabled community. This app is for current residents or visitors of Stillwater, OK. It is a local guide for one who has a physical, visual or auditory disability. AccessStillwater lists the compliance of a variety of restaurants, hotels, offices, bars, and other businesses. App users can rate the accessibility of various establishments and these reviews are available to other users. This app allows our users to enjoy their overall experience in the Stillwater community by avoiding environments that do not comply with their needs.





FitHub, designed by Marcus Gabilheri, was the winner of the 2015 App Competition sponsored by AAA. It was also one of the grand prize winners of the Google Fit Developers Challenge. FitHub allows you to view all of your fitness data in one app. You can track the number of steps you take each day and FitHub will show you your progress in sleek graphs. FitHub connects users from a variety of peripheral platforms: Android Wear, Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Moves. You can use FitHub to compete in leaderboards with your friends even if they use a different fitness tracker.

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